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Welcome to Paramount Global Ferry Services

In the intricate world of aviation, where precision meets safety and setting the standard for excellence isn’t just an aim but our way of life, Paramount Global Ferry Services emerges as your premier partner. With our global presence spanning from Dublin (Ireland) to Miami (USA), and Washington, D.C. (USA), we embrace a mission that goes beyond the conventional. We commit to the highest standards of safety, champion adaptability, deliver unparalleled customer service, and manage costs with the same vigilance we would our own, ensuring every decision upholds transparency and honesty.

Worldwide Headquarters

Paramount Global Ferry Services, LLC.

1127 International Parkway, Suite 150
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406, USA

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Miami, Florida Offices

Paramount Global Ferry Services, LLC.

5707 NW 38th Street
Miami, Florida 33166, USA

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Dublin, Ireland Offices

Paramount Global Ferry Services, LLC.

Alexandria House, The Sweepstakes, Ballsbridge
Dublin 4, D04 C7H2, Ireland

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Why Choose Paramount?





Our Essence

At the heart of worldwide aircraft ferry services, Paramount caters to both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft with offerings meticulously crafted for acceptance, delivery, ferry, test flights, and VIP transport. Our strategic global positioning in key aviation hubs enables us to meet the exacting demands of the world’s most formidable aviation companies, always keeping the customer’s needs first and maintaining flexibility to adapt to those needs promptly.

Our Pledge to Excellence

“To be the best” — this isn’t just our mission; it’s the fabric of our culture, one where excellence always precedes profit. We are built on a foundation of open-minded listening, relentless communication, and a steadfast commitment to integrity and transparency. This philosophy ensures we’re responsive in a timely manner, catering to our clients’ needs first and foremost.

Our Ethos

At Paramount Global Ferry Services, our operation is grounded in core values: safety, integrity, trust, respect, and complete customer satisfaction. These principles are not just what we strive for; they define us. Committed to long-term partnerships, we approach every project with unmatched flexibility and a conscientious regard for cost, ensuring your investments receive the utmost care.

Our Commitment:

  • Safety as Our Foundation: Paramount in all we do, ensuring everyone’s well-being.
  • Unwavering Integrity and Transparency: Fostering clear, confident client partnerships.
  • Adaptability in Our DNA: Meeting specific needs with agile, effective solutions.
  • Prompt Responsiveness: Valuing your time with quick, accurate engagement.
  • Client-Centric Services: Exceeding your expectations is our standard.
  • Mindful Resource Management: Delivering cost-effective quality with diligence.

Our Spectrum of Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the aviation industry’s diverse needs:

  • Aircraft Ferry Services:
    Expert ferrying of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft across global destinations, ensuring safe, efficient, and timely delivery.
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  • Demonstration and Acceptance Flights:
    Showcasing aircraft capabilities to potential buyers or validating performance with precision.
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  • Functional and Test Flights:
    Rigorous testing and validation of aircraft systems and performance post-maintenance.
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  • RVSM Authorizations & FMS NAV Database Updates:
    Facilitating operational efficiency and ensuring accurate navigation with expert compliance management.
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  • US Import and Export Services:
    Streamlining the complexities of cross-border aircraft movements with meticulous attention to logistics and regulatory compliance.
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  • Flight Crew and Cabin Crew Training:
    Elevating safety, service, and operational excellence with advanced training programs.
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  • Flight Support Services:
    Enhancing aviation operations with personalized support, from flight planning to post-flight analysis, focusing on safety and efficiency.
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Our Vanguard

Under the guidance of CEO Michael W. Johnson and President Vincent La Forgia, our leadership team’s extensive experience and forward-thinking ethos drive Paramount towards being a beacon of excellence in aviation services. It’s our dedication to ethical practices and prioritizing customer satisfaction that distinguishes us in the global arena.

Our Vision Forward

With eyes set on substantial growth, Paramount is dedicated to broadening our service portfolio and enlarging our client base through innovation and strategic acquisitions. Our goal is clear: to become synonymous with aviation excellence, providing a broad suite of services that anticipates and fulfills the future needs of the industry.

We invite the vanguards of the aviation industry to discover the difference Paramount can make. Join us in elevating your operational standards to unmatched heights. Visit our homepage or reach out directly to embark on a partnership defined by unparalleled success and stewardship of your aviation needs.