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How Paramount Global Ferry Services Stepped Up

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges for everyone worldwide, especially in the aviation sector. With global air travel coming to a near standstill and strict border closures, airlines faced unprecedented difficulties. By May 2020, there were 12,350 passenger planes in service globally, less than half of the approximately 30,000 commercial aircraft typically in operation. This dramatic reduction in flights left airlines grappling with how to manage their grounded fleets and maintain financial stability.

Grounding a multimillion-dollar plane isn’t as simple as parking a car in a garage. Even in short-term storage, planes require regular maintenance, including engine and hydraulic system checks, electrical tests, and tire rotations. Longer-term storage necessitates more extensive inspections, making the situation complex and costly for airlines. In Canada alone, more than 550 airplanes were parked at airports nationwide, from Calgary to Toronto and Vancouver.

During this tumultuous period, we at Paramount Global Ferry Services had the ability to adapt and deliver under pressure. Michael Johnson, CEO of Paramount, recalls a specific challenge where a customer had two airplanes stranded in Southeast Asia. Due to COVID-19 border closures, it was impossible to fly pilots into the country to move the aircraft.

“The only way for us to be able to move the airplane was to find pilots in that country already. And of course, with our database, we already had pilots located in that country who were qualified on that aircraft,” Johnson explains. “We were able to get these two airplanes out of the country for this customer that they had been trying for several weeks to get out already.”

Not only did our pilots successfully relocate the aircraft, but our services also provided a much-needed solution for the pilots themselves. “The best part about it was the pilots wanted to get home to Europe, but they couldn’t get out of the country because there were no flights. So we were able to put them on these ferry movements. We got the airplanes out of Southeast Asia for the customer and got these pilots home to see their families all at the same time.”

This story underscores the importance of flexibility and resourcefulness in the aviation industry, particularly during unprecedented times. It also highlights the value of having a robust global database of qualified pilots, enabling quick and effective solutions even in the most challenging circumstances.

The Paramount Advantage

365 days a year, our team at Paramount Global Ferry Services is dedicated to navigating the individual needs of our clients. Whether it’s a stranded jumbo jet during a global pandemic or a brand new Airbus A350neo that just got its first paint job, we’re there, we’re flexible, and we’re committed to ensuring that your world keeps turning.

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